Yuan Shing Tai

Yuan Shing Tai

Died January 23, 2001

Yuan prepared for Yale at Blair Academy but dropped out of our class and graduated with an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan in 1966. Later he worked as a consultant to several Wall Street financial institutions before forming his own company, Yuan S. Tai and Associates, in New York.

Yuan also served as president of the J.T. Tai Foundation, a private foundation founded by Yuan’s father, an eminent Chinese art dealer, from 1992 until Yuan’s death in 2001.

Yuan’s widow, Jane, reports: “he was a philanthropist at heart, generous to his family and friends, as well as to anyone he encountered who needed help. He was known as a ‘prince among men,’ deeply curious and interested in his fellow man. His deeds ranged from small personal acts such as cooking and taking dinner to the homeless in Carl Schurz Park to providing scholarships to many students. Yuan’s compassion and magnanimity is remembered by friends, business associates and especially by his wife of thirtyfour wonderful years.

Two of Yuan’s favorite pastimes were music and cooking for friends; he was equally proficient in making Chinese, French and Italian food but could also create a delicious meal from leftovers. He studied and played the Pipa, a lute-like Chinese musical instrument, delighting many listeners.”

Yuan died on January 23, 2001, survived by his wife, Jane, who lives in Manhattan.