Welcome to Y65 Class Channels!

Y65 Channels

Six topical areas (also referred to on the site as ‘forums’) for classmates to seek and share information, advice, insights, and experiences on a wide range of topics. The channel co-captains will encourage discussion and monitor traffic. Feel free to contact them with questions or comments.

What are the rules, and how’s it supposed to work? As one of the channel captains so aptly put it: “Consider each of these channels as a dinner party. All are invited, and no one is obliged to speak; however, if someone does join in the conversation he is expected to earn his crust by offering something entertaining or amusing or informative or thoughtful or stimulating. The don’ts are as important as the dos. No one will monopolize the conversation, bully or attack other guests, or do anything else to cause indigestion.” Bingo!

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Ideas for improvement? Please send comments to: David Roscoe david.roscoe3@gmail.com


We’re offering two levels of participation:

  • Read Only: Classmates can visit the website at any time and read all posts in every channel without registering.

    · Go to Channels now.

  • Registered Users: If you’d also like to post your own messages, reply to others, and/or be automatically notified of new postings by others, you’ll first need to register.

To post or reply in Channels…
    · First, Register (directions below)
    · Login to Post or Reply
    · Lost password? Request a new one here
    · Logout
    · Set subscription notice frequency preference


1. Send an email to webhelp@yale1965.org with your preferred login, which will be your real name: both your first name (or nickname) and last name. Your login will be your name with a dash or hyphen between first and last.

2. Include the password you’d like to use… at least six characters.

3. Jean, our web help, will then quickly confirm you as a class member, add your account, and email you login instructions. The reason we ask to use your real name is that we want all Y’65s to participate, but of course, only Y’65s.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE (to receive emails about newly posted traffic):

Once you’ve registered, log in and you may Subscribe or Unsubscribe at top of each Channels page to receive email notification of all future postings throughout the Channels. (You can decide to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.) You can set your preference for how often you want to receive notices (with each posting, or a daily, weekly or monthly digest) by using the ‘Set subscriptions notice frequency preference‘ link above or at the bottom of each page. Currently, subscribing will subscribe you to all Channels (a software issue at this time), but when it’s possible to fine-tune this so that you can subscribe and receive notices for only the specific Channels in which you have interest, we will adjust accordingly, and let you know of the expanded option.


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