Robert Wilkes

Robert Wilkes

Remembrances of Bob Wilkes

Bob Wiznia: “Bob Wilkes was a good man. Bob Trupin and I enjoyed talking to him and his wife at a Yale Basketball reunion several years ago. Incidentally, Bob Wilkes participated in the reunion game and held his own against far younger players. He will be missed.”

David Roscoe: “Back in the day, in the belly of our careers, Bob and I often rode the train to/from NYC. He had a hidden smile that was delightful to see as it fought its way to the surface, as it did so often. A real gentleman.”

Karl Schonborn: “Of late, Bob and JoAnne lived in Menlo Park to be near their grandkids, but he lived in New Jersey for most (I think) of his investment consulting career.

“I will always cherish that Bob truly cared about Cleft Heart and continually advised me—in very constructive ways—how I could help it prosper. He also loved his family. I think he must’ve been a real Tiger (Saybrook’s nickname for him?) despite being mild and droll ‘cuz he always brushed off my concerns about his health (ankle problems, slowed reactions) in recent years. In fact, he probably suffered several TIAs. He was tough–basketball player and submariner, among other things…”

JoAnne Wilkes: “Sadly, Bob died yesterday following a massive stroke. I am mourning a fine man, husband and father. I believe this is for the best – he faced a difficult future – but it is hard nonetheless.

“We are holding a funeral mass Wednesday 2pm at St. Raymonds Catholic Church, Menlo Park to celebrate Bob’s life. We would be happy to have you come.

“Bob enjoyed the ‘lunch bunch.’ In fact, I enjoyed meeting all of you.”