Terry Allen Smith

Terry Allen Smith

Died August 27, 2004

The Reverend Doctor Terry Allen Smith was born September 19, 1943 in Portland, ME. Terry married Christina (Tina) Bowden in 1963. Their children are Heidi Lynne and Michael Allen.

After graduating from Yale, Terry attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and was ordained to the ministry in 1967. In May, 1975 he received his doctorate in ministry from Andover Newton Seminary. Over his 40 years in the ministry, he served churches in East Lansing, MI, Wakefield, MA, Easton, CT, Batavia, IL, Holyoke, MA., and Easton CT’s Covenant Church (where you can see a cross designed by Terry in front of the sanctuary).

Beyond the ministry, Terry pursued his passions in music, painting and writing. He built and played several musical instruments and sang both as a soloist and as a choir member. His paintings won several awards and many hang in the homes of friends. He had just finished a novel, The Last Bridge.

In his final years Terry was serving a church in Hallowell, ME. He was working on a retirement home that he had designed when a tragic accident occurred. He stepped backward and fell into a fire pit, striking his head on the floor boards. Terry died in a Portland hospital on August 27, 2004.