Speeches, Poems, Tributes

Speeches, Poems and Tributes

“Speeches, poems and tributes” will be a home for writings by members of the Yale class of 1965. The idea is to make it a home for words that were written to be shared with classmates. So when one of us gives a speech at a class dinner, writes a tribute to another classmate, or writes a poem or essay that relates to one or all of us, this is where it can go. We inaugurated this section, if that’s the word for it, with the talk Ron Wilmore delivered at our class dinner in 2009. An item you’ll also find below is “Passing,” a poem in honor of our fallen classmates, past and future. I suppose that means all of us. The poem’s composition, however, was motivated by the sudden and tragic death of Carter LaPrade, who exemplified the idea of honoring our ties to one another. And we just added Herb Allison’s New York Class Dinner speech from Oct 26, 2012. — John Schenck