Live Chat from Schwartz Zoom of March 17, 2021

Live Chat from the Professor Jason Schwartz Zoom of March 17, 2021

00:26:26 Lee Jampol: I was a medical student and intern at Yale with Dave Barry

00:45:43 Jim Thiel: It is my understanding that Pfizer and Moderna efficacy wwere measured before many if not all of the variants arose. Jansen may well have been tested against variants. What is the process for following up on efficacy measurements?

00:47:47 DENNIS MACK: As we have more experience with the vaccines, is it possible that we may be able to store the vaccines at warmer temperatures or use them with greater intervals between double dose vaccines?

00:49:07 Robert Baker: What, if anything, can be done if enough people won’t take the vaccine that prevents herd immunity?

00:49:17 Lee Jampol: Can a vaccinated person carry the virus and transmit it to others. Why don’t we know the answer to this now? Wouldn’t a nasal vaccine be better to prevent this?

00:49:23 Ralph Protsik: One thing I’ve seen very little about (at least lately) is what research is showing about HOW people are getting infected. For example, how common is infection by surface contact vs. air droplets? Does washing your hands really help?

00:49:30 Steve Clark: How do the 3 US vaccines compare to other vaccines developed by other countries?

00:49:44 Alec Miller: In terms of preparing for and dealing with future viral pandemics, should we systematically monitor viral infections worldwide, including sequencing, to identify dangerous trends early on? If so, who does it and coordinates it? WHO?

00:52:01 susan finkel: The reluctance of some to get the virus is a concern: one person told me that he was afraid the the vaccine would stop one’s own immune system to tackle the disease and also impart it generally. Is there a site which debunks all the fears in a coherent way?

00:52:02 Kenneth Bardach: How should we conceptualize and address issues of equitability for vaccine availability between US citizens and the rest of the world.

00:53:01 Karl Schonborn: When we get to hi spreader activities (crowded into small spaces), how might we guarantee that vaxxed peoples’ certifications aren’t forged, borrowed, etc. Compare with those hi validity driver’s licenses for plane travel a year ago.

00:53:06 DENNIS MACK: Which is a bigger factor: age or obesity?

00:54:40 susan finkel: fixing my question: reluctance to get the vaccine….and concern that the vaccine might impair one’s own immune system.

00:57:30 Jim Thiel: What about distribution of effective orally administered antiviral treatments/cocktails? They are not widely known but available.

00:59:48 Ralph Protsik: Is it possible that, as a precursor to herd immunity, we’ll see herd MENTALITY–that as more people are immunized, pressure will grow on those who have NOT received their shots to do so?

01:04:41 Jim Thiel: How many of us who are at least 85% vaccinated are going to travel in the next month?

01:06:23 susan finkel: Thank you!!

01:07:30 Robert Hammond: any comments on the lower efficacy of the J&J vaccine?

01:10:10 Fred Roberts: For additional perspective on this pandemic, I recommend a book by another Yale professor at the School of

01:10:47 Fred Roberts: Public health. Apollo’s Arrow by Nicholas Christakis.

01:12:26 James Marshall: By when do you think our children in their 30s and 40s will be able to get their vaccinations?

01:12:58 Robert Hammond: what percentage of survivors of covid left with long term sequelae eg cardiomyopathy , renal failure or neurological problems including stroke

01:13:37 SAMUEL BRUTTOMESSO: There is news that the vaccines have helped “long-haulers” improve. Any comment?

01:15:23 Herb Thomas: Regarding the risks of isolation, drug overdose deaths have increased from an already high base. Are the falling COVID rate and the rising overdose rate going to cross soon? Seems that would indicate a need to relax restrictions.

01:18:34 Robert Rounsavall: Can you predict our ability to resume international travel given various degrees of vaccination in foreign countries, and some resurgences of infection which are being reported now?

01:23:31 Alec Miller: Should people who have had proven COVID-19 get more than one Pfizer or Moderna vaccine injection?

01:29:40 SAMUEL BRUTTOMESSO: Why can’t we force Fox News and like “news” organizations when the broadcast false and misleading medical/scientific information.

01:30:16 SAMUEL BRUTTOMESSO: Force retractions or corrections.

01:31:33 Kenneth Bardach: ,Thank you Dave et al. Got to run to another meeting. Peace and love to all.

01:33:04 Jason Schwartz: Thank you everyone!