Robert Alan Dickler

Robert Dickler

Robert Alan Dickler

William Reichert remembers: Robert Dickler was my roommate my freshman year at Yale. He was intensely consumed by the pleasures of the intellectual challenges he discovered as a freshman. And he devoted himself to mastering both the German language and economics. His enthusiasm for learning was contagious.

We spent many hours in challenging intellectual discourse. After Yale, I lost contact with him until about 5 years ago. I tracked him down in Vienna where he taught economics. We communicated by email frequently and I was dazzled by the depth of his knowledge about economics and by subjects such as game theory and philosophy that contributed to understanding the basis of economics. He believed fervently in the idea of the fiduciary duty of professionals with regard to their clients, and displayed empathy for the suffering of others. Recently, my efforts to communicate with him failed to evoke a response. I missed this because when he did respond he always made me aware of areas of knowledge way beyond my ken. Always impressive, how much he knew. Lately I had begun to wonder if I had said something that was off-putting to him and then, after a while, began to wonder if he was OK.

When today I learned of his death, I realized the sad reality. I really feel he was a special person and my life has been somewhat diminished by his passing. If anyone knows the details of his passing, I would very much like to know. To my knowledge, he was recently in good health.

Daniel Dickler remembers: Thanks, William, for the kind words you have posted here. Yes, my Dad passed away surprisingly after getting sick. He was in perfect shape until it hit him hard about four weeks before he passed away. We lost him way too early!

William and who else would like to know more about my Dad can contact me via e-mail: To prevent from getting spammed you need to infer my e-mail from this clue:

Robert Alan Dickler passed away on November 8, 2019, in Germany where he had lived for many years. A banker and an economics and finance educator, he leaves his wife and two sons and extended family.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine carried a notice on November 16, 2019.