Raymond S. Mag

Raymond S. Mag

Died June 14, 1993

Ray graduated from New Britain High School with honors, attended Yale with the Class of 1965 and graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1965. He played violin in the New Britain High School Orchestra.

Ray reported in the Class Book and Directory for our 25th reunion in 1990 that he’d attended the University of Connecticut Law School during 1967-68, then taught Mathematics at Coventry High School in Coventry, RI, and Arithmetic and Science at Cross Street School in Naugatuck, CT, before joining the family business, Magson Uniform Company, in 1971. While an executive with Magson Uniform Company, he rose to first vice president, and finance chairman in 1989.

He was active in the Hartford Jewish Federation, New Britain Rotary and the YMCA.

Ray died on June 14, 1993, survived by his parents, Morton and Ruth Mag, brother Nathan and his wife, Gail, and Ray’s nephews.

Ray’s brother, Nathan, remembers: “Ray was shy and not very outgoing, kind and gentle. The rat race of high school teaching was not his cup of tea.”

C. Roger Davis remembers: Though outwardly cheerful, Ray sought answers – and, especially, reassurance – on a wide range of issues. We, his freshmen roommates in 1085 Bingham, Dave Cook, Dale Griffee, and I, tried to provide this, but I fear our efforts were not enough.