Pre-Reunion Lunches

Pre-50th Reunion Lunches

Taking a lead from several earlier 50th Reunions, your Class leadership decided to hold a number of pre-reunion lunches around the country to rekindle old friendships and develop momentum for the reunion. From January to May approximately 215 classmates and guests attended 18 lunches around the country, providing a solid foundation for a great turnout in New Haven in May. None of this would have happened without the efforts of the event hosts, who devoted considerable time and effort to organizing each luncheon and rounding up classmates to come. Thanks guys! The names of attendees and hosts, and pictures can be seen below.
1965Pre-ReunionLunchPortland January 14 Portland, OR
Left to right: Dodd Fischer, Art Hetherington, Rob Cody (with Yale “Y” sweater), Oscar Mayer, Ed Newbegin, Craig Chisholm, and Page Stockwell.
Hosts: Dodd Fischer, Page Stockwell
1965Pre-ReunionLunchNJ January 15 Summit, NJ
Left to right: John Ahrens, David Roscoe, Bob Popper, Dennis Mack, Toby Frey, Randy Morgan, and Alex Beard.
Host: David Roscoe
1965Pre-ReunionLunchPalm Beach January 19 Palm Beach, FL
Left to right: Steve Rockmore, Jeff and Susanne Miller, Monette and Dan O’Grady, Stan and Suzie Trotman, John Pinney and Donna Cantor, Bruce Smathers, Peter Conze and Dorsey Gardner.
Hosts: Peter Conze, Stan Trotman
1965Pre-ReunionLunchBlueBellPA January 20 Blue Bell, PA
Left to right: Dave Schaff, Steve Huntington, Freedley Hunsicker, Fred Bissinger, Chub Wilcox, John Ahrens, Perry Teillon and Bill Schwarze.
Host: Friedley Hunsicker
January 31 Pittsburgh, PA
Attendees: Van and Randi Dauler, Jim DeAngelis, Tom and Kay Nowak, Mike and Martha Shealy, Sam Kusic, Richard LaFond, and Tim Merrill.
Hosts: Jim DeAngelis, Tim Merrill

February 4 New York, NY
Attendees: John Ahrens, Joe Altschuler, Alex Beard, Perk Foss, Dave Hawkins, Dick Hoey, Mike Lyden, Dennis Mack, Doug McPheters, George Michas, Charles Morgan, Marne Obernauer, Ted O’Leary, Joel Papernik, Dunc Pollack, Steve Rockmore, David Roscoe, and Mel Shaftel.
Host: Burt Haimes
1965Pre-ReunionLunchCT February 10 New Haven, CT
Left to Right: Kim Bingham, Bruce Alexander, Austin Carey, Bob Dunlop, Steve Lawrence, Bob Tierney, Tom Hamilton, Gordon Smith, Alan Jacobson, Jeff Miller, Chris Murck, Richard Petrelli and Port Draper
Hosts: Bruce Alexander, Jeff Miller
1965Pre-ReunionLunchLA February 11 Los Angeles, CA
Left to right: Hugh Levick, Bob Leich, Jerry Libby, Bill Wilbur, Alan Dickson, Sam Bruttomesso, Bill Hart, Dick Marvin, Dave Nochimson, Bill Christian, Alan Howard, Jeff Jennings, Dick Pearce, Charlie Lotte, Bob Krintzman and Jay Lavely
Host: Bob Leich
1965Pre-ReunionLunchDC February 11 Washington, DC
Attendees: Ward Barmon, Sam Black, Shaun Byrnes, Bill Cole, Bill Cooper, Bill Crosby, Gerry Doyle, Tom Esslinger, Nick Fessenden, Brigitte Fessenden, Jay Fetner, Ted Garrett, Max Goldensohn, Dave Greenlee, Dick Hodes, Murray Horwitz, Bill Jones, Carleton Jones, Bill Lake, Dave Martin, Larry Meyer and guest, Joel Meyerson, Hardy Pearce, Harry Pillsbury, John Pinney, Jack Rosholt, Dick Ruffin, Ed Sears, Larry Taylor, Don Taylor, John Troutman, Ron Wilmore, and John Yochelson.
Hosts: Bill Nelson, Bob Woodward, Bill Crosby
1965Pre-ReunionLunchSanDiego February 13 San Diego, CA
Front Row: Bob Herbst; John Malugen; Bob Robinson Back Row: Paul Ganster; Dan Denison; Larry Walker
Host: Dan Denison
1965Pre-ReunionLunchCambridge February 24 Cambridge, MA
Left to right: Mark Peters, Peter McGowan, Fred Bamber, Duncan McFarland, Henry Becton, Jeff Miller, Andy Cooke, Jim Marshall, Howard Bernstein, Bill Moonan, Peter Rose, John Carberry, Heaton Robertson, Bill Patton, and Henry Hacker.
Host: Henry Hacker
1965LunchOakland March 10  Oakland, CA
Seated (left to right): Dale Freeman, Bob Gex, Cedric Brady, Rob Fates, Rick Tuffli
Standing (left to right): Michael Hofmayer, Phillip Ross, David Hopmann, Rick Fabian, David Kirkpatrick, Jim Acquistapace, John McKeon, Dennis Holahan
Host: Jim Aquistapace

March 17  Sedona, AZ
Attendees: John Ferguson, Abbot Lawrence, Modie Miller, Judge Mason, Dave Myers and Bob Kinderman.
Host: John Ferguson

1965LunchSeattle March 18  Seattle, WA
Left to right: Mal Harris, Ken Neil, John La Fond, Del Miller, Charles Helming, Gordon Wilcox and Frank Tubridy.
Host: Mal Harris
1965Pre-ReunionLunchPuntaGorda April 8   Punta Gorda, FL
Left to Right: Mike Hanson, Penny & Sandy Lui, Ken O’Sullivan, Mike & Judy Lewis, Dar and Ara (Barbara) Gillett.
Host: Darwin Gillett
1965Pre-ReunionLunchDenver April 10  Denver, CO
Left to right: Duncan Bremer, Bo Chapin, Mike Dominick, Blair Gay, Tim Kennedy, Tom Smart.
Hosts: Mike Dominick, Tim Kennedy
sanfran1 April 21 San Francsico, CA
Front row: Bob Heil, Jim Krasno, Dave Hopmann (host), Rick Tuffli, Rick Fabian, Denny Holahan, Karl Schonborn. Second row: Dave Kirkpatrick, Bruce Cribley, Ric Brady, Jim Payne, John Green, Gary Moore, Bob Gex. Third row: Bob Becker, Justs Karlsons, Howard Finkle, John McKeon, Michael Hofmayer (photographer), Ralph Protsik. Not pictured but attending (or intending to): Steve Clark, Mike Harrison, Steve Dohrmann, Dave Biegelsen
Hosts: Dave Hopmann & Ralph Protsik
1965Pre-ReLunchCleveland April 22 Cleveland, OH
Back row: Dalia Baker, Ray Sawyer, Kit Sawyer, Mike Cole, Sandy Stewart, and Bill Stewart. Seated: Bob Baker.
Hosts: Bob Baker & Ray Sawyer

In addition, Marsh Hoke ( extended an invitation to all classmates passing through Edson, Alberta (near Jasper/Lake Louise) between now and reunion; and Peter Desjardins ( and Frank Rice ( offered a lunch to any classmate visiting Dubai. Finally, Duncan Sutherland hosted several lunches for Denny Sutro in Melbourne, Australia, in March.