Pre-55th Reunion Regional Lunches

Pre-55th Reunion Lunches

Pre-reunion lunch in L.A.

Clockwise from the front left, attendees were: Alan Howard, Richard Pearce, Sam Bruttomesso, Bob Leich, Fred Roberts, Bill Christian, Dan Denison, Jerry Libby, Jay Lavely and Jeff Jennings. The date was March 5, and the venue was the LA Athletic Club.

From the left are classmates Pope Barrow, Bob Woodward, Chip Seward, David Greenlee, Bill Crosby, Gerry Doyle and Nick Fessenden. Bill Crosby and Bob Woodward co-hosted on Feb. 20 at The Monocle in DC.

Dave Williams, Ken O’Sullivan, Mike Hanson, Don Raymond, Alan Horton, Ara Gillett, Alex Vance, Dar Gillett, Peggy Carberry, John Carberry, Tom Melvin, Patsy Hanson, Sally Melvin. Mike Hanson and Dar Gillett hosted on Feb. 19.