Post-Reunion Regional Lunches

Post-50th Reunion Regional Lunches

Los Angeles 6Y5 Post-Reunion Lunch hosted by Jerry Libby, September 8, 2016

Los Angeles 6Y5 Post-Reunion Lunch hosted by Jerry Libby, September 8, 2016

Attendees (from left to right): Carol Libby, Jerry Libby, Barbara Dickson, Jay Lavely, Alan Dickson, Sam Brutomesso, Dave Nochimson, Bob Krintzman, Alan Howard, Richard Marvin, Dan Denison, Dick Pearce, Bill Christian and Jeff Jennings

October 25, 2016

Dear Classmates,

Just a reminder about the Providence brunch being hosted on November 5 by John and Holly Schenck followed by the Yale-Brown football game. If you would like to attend, contact John atĀ

Since my last note in mid-August, Jerry Libby hosted a lunch on September 8 in Los Angeles. The attendees are listed below. Many thanks, Jerry.

Previously held:

April 27: Mory’s, New Haven CT
Attending: Bruce Alexander, Bob Dunlop, Port Draper, Lionel Goldfrank, Doug McPheters, Jeff Miller, Gordon Smith, Bob Tierney, Bob Trupin, and Bob Wiznia
Hosts: Jeff Miller and Bruce Alexander

May 24: Cleveland Skating Club, Cleveland OH
Attending: Bob Baker, Mike Cole and Bill Stewart and 2 Spouses
Host: Bob Baker

May 24: MAC Club, Pettygrove Room, Portland OR
Attending: Robin and Donna Cody, Dodd Fischer, Page and Rung Stockwell, Ed and Anne Newbegin, Jim and Betty Mohr, Oscar Meyer and Craig Chisholm
Host: Dodd Fischer

May 25: Russell Building, Washington DCAttending: Bill Cole, Bill Crosby, Gerry Doyle, Ted Garrett, Dave Greenlee, Carleton Jones, Dave Martin, Jeff Miller, Bill Nelson, Jack Rosholt, Dick Ruffin, John Pinney, Chip Seward and Bob Woodward.
Hosts: Bill Crosby, Bill Nelson and Bob Woodward

May 26: Fiorino’s Restaurant, Summit NJ
Attending: John Ahrens, Alex Beard, Toby Frey, Dennis Mack, Randy Morgan, Jeff Miller, Bob Popper, David Roscoe and Denny Sutro
Host: Dave Roscoe

June 23: Friars Club, New York City
Attending: Alex Beard, Al Gropper, Burt Haimes, Mike Lydon, Dennis Mack, Randy Morgan, Jeff Miller, Marne Obernauer, Ted O’Leary, Denny Sutro and Bob Trupin
Host: Burt Haimes.

July 20: Schneithorst’s Restaurant, St. Louis, MO
Attending: Allen Gilliard, Bill Lindsay and Jim Murphy
Host: Allen Gilliard

September 8: The Skylight Gardens, Los Angeles (Westwood) CA
Attendees: Sam Brutomesso, Bill Christian, Dan Denison, Alan Dickson, Barbara Dickson, Alan Howard, Jeff Jennings, Bob Krintzman, Jay Lavely, Jerry Libby, Carol Libby, Richard Marvin, Dave Nochimson and Dick Pearce. For photo go to:
Host: Jerry Libby


November 5: Home of John and Holly Schenck, Providence, RI
Host: John Schenck

In the works (dates TBD): Cambridge, New HavenĀ and Florida

If you are interested in hosting an event, please fee free to contact me at any time.

Best regards,


Jeffrey C. Miller
203-321-9461 (Cell)