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In February, Seth Hoyt met Jimmy Hatch at the Yale Art Gallery. Click on any of these 4 photos to enlarge and click right or left arrows to navigate.

Jay Lavely officiates at his granddaughter’s wedding Jay Lavely officiates at his granddaughter’s wedding, Labor Day 2023. Sent by his brother Tony Y64.

Classmate George Michas put together lunch at Mory’s, and despite temps in the 90s, we all had a very cool time together.

The brass plaque in honor of ’65 Stan Trotman’s dad, Stan, Sr. Y’34, was nailed to the booth/table in which we just happened to be seated. Inter-generational serendipity.

Pinney observed that we septuagenarians had clearly grown in wisdom and judgment as there was no green cup in evidence on the Trotman table.

L-R: Margot Butler, Joel Papernik, Seth Hoyt, Barbara Barker Papernik, Stephanie Williams, Dave Williams, Jim Butler, and lunch organizer George Michas.

The following three wonderful photos were sent in by Seth Hoyt. If you’d like to send some in, as well, you’re graciously invited to do so! Send the photos to

Stanley and Doozle Trotman at home in Beverly, MA.

John and Holly Schenck toasting their 48th anniversary. Dinner was at Chez Pascal, a yummy French restaurant in Providence, where the Schencks know everyone, and all the staff know and love John and Holly.

Jim and Margot Butler, along with Hoyt’s Choate ’61 classmate Tim Werbe, had dinner recently at Belle Haven Club in Greenwich, CT.

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Each photo shown below represents (and links to) a photo album of several images. more recent albums are shown at the top. Click on the representative photo of the album you’d like to view. One image, shown directly below this text, is a YouTube video of our Whiffs on To Tell the Truth – a fun “blast from the past” we thought you’d enjoy!


50th Reunion Photos!


Senior Year by John Garabedian (RIP)

Hoyt's '65 Eli Archive

Hoyt’s ’65 Eli Archive

Yale Songs

Yale Songs


The End … and the Beginning


The Blind Nine


The Way We Were


The Way We Are Now


Samples of Our 50th Reunion Badges


The Way We Were


The Way We Are Now

In Junior year, we take our ease ...

In Junior year, we take our ease …

And (at times) ... we could clean up

And (at times) … we could clean up

As Freshmen first, we came to Yale ...

As Freshmen first, we came to Yale …


As Sophomores, we have a task …


Pre-Reunion Lunches

Dave Roscoe, Phil DeStefano and Bob Leich

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John and Donna Pinney

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Harvard Game 2005

From the Vault

From the Vault