Moore slides

Modie Lee Moore: Culinary Olympics

SLIDE #1 People have different approaches for getting older. Today’s panel shows the importance of approaching each day with gusto — seeing each day as an opportunity for adventure and learning, embracing the years ahead with enthusiasm instead of apathy. Getting older means more time for laughing, learning and living  

Each day is an opportunity for adventure and learning. It is a chance to go forward and expand your horizons. It is a time to take risks and explore new horizons.

After retiring, I moved to San Diego. There I enrolled in the Grossmont College culinary department and became involved culinary competitions. Not like what you see on TV. Specific categories for competition with scoring based on a rubric.

SLIDE #2 As part of a team I competed at the IKA (Olympiade Der Koche) “Culinary Olympics” in Erfurt, Germany in 2004.

SLIDE #3 Forty national teams, twenty military teams, scores of regional and private teams and over two thousand individuals compete in Germany every four years in an attempt to show the rest of the world whose cuisine is the best.

SLIDE #4 Category A : My entry was a festive cold platter for 8 with 6 different appetizers. At the top right is one of 8 individual plate presentations of how this would be served.

SLIDE #5 Some of the appetizers.

SLIDE #6 I was excited to be presented a Diplome for my first effort in an international competition of this level.

SLIDE #7 Later I earned Thai vegetable carving. Here is an arrangement done with a variety of vegetables carved as flowers.

Culinary Artistry
While the programs culinary and pastry art, nutritional and economic factors play the main role, category D is about show and artistry. The exhibits in this category should demonstrate artistry in sugar, chocolate, vegetable carving…..

SLIDE #8 I had an idea to create jewelery using Thai carving techniques. The frames are made of wire and the “jewels” are from a variety of vegetables. I went to Moscow for the Kremlin Cup and was joined by chef friends.

SLIDE #9 Next for the Culinary World Cup In Luxembourg I decided to carve jewelery out of chocolate.

SLIDE #10 In Luxembourg I was awarded the Bronze medal.

SLIDE #11 Recently I wanted to try something I had never done. Sculpting with chocolate. For the Culinary Olympics 2012 Erfurt Germany I made a wolf head from chocolate and was awarded the Bronze medal. Not bad for an old guy just starting to do this.


At one point I was invited by my friend Chef Laurent Hartmann to Judge for avegetable carving competition in Paris. There I had the honor to meet the executive chef at the presidental palace. He invited us to tour the kitchens. Because the president was away, he then took us on a tour of the palace.

SLIDE #13 Most important with my new venture are the friends we have made around the world.

SLIDE #14 Betty and I are still having fun.

be playful

be friendly

be joyful

be spontaneous

be enthusiastic

be open to learning