M. Brian Moroze

M. Brian Moroze

Died July 14, 2013

Brian transferred to Yale from Trinity in September, 1963 after preparing for college at New Rochelle Academy. He graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1968 after majoring in Russian studies at Yale and playing trumpet in both concert and marching bands.

Following two years in the Army, Brian left the service as a first lieutenant (later promoted to captain in the Army Reserves) and pursued his legal career through public institutions (Civil Rights Division of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation). His private affiliations included law firms, in-house counsel positions at Wheelabrator-Frye, later Signal and then Allied as the result of corporate mergers and finally Tyco in its Portsmouth, NH, office where he became deputy general counsel.

According to a former colleague in Tyco’s Law Department, whom Brian nurtured by giving him much encouragement and unusual responsibility, Brian Moroze was rigorously ethical, patient and respected. He cited as an example, that when Tyco emerged from a restructuring following senior management’s well-publicized legal troubles, Brian was one of very few senior officers kept on board as a testament to his not only being an outstanding attorney but as to his integrity, honesty and dedication to the company as well. Barney Share, current president of Temple Israel in Portsmouth, NH, where Brian was an active member, reports that Brian also had a subtle sense of humor.

Following his retirement, Brian aimed to burnish his trumpet skills.

He passed away on July 14, 2013 as the result of complications from Parkinson’s Disease. Brian was survived by his wife, Carol, sons Benjamin and Adam and daughter, Marcelle, and their families.

Brian’s son, Ben, Y’91, remembers: “(o)ne lifelong friend, Bob Werblin, attended Dad’s funeral last year and spoke. A feeling he shared about Dad stuck with me, and I agree with it: ‘Nobody who knew Brian didn’t like him – nobody.’”