Larry Henry Reeker

Larry Henry Reeker

Died April 6, 2012

After graduating a year early from Yale as a philosophy major in its Intensive Directed Studies Program, Larry earned a Ph.D. in computer science at Carnegie-Mellon. He came to Yale from Ephrata High School in Ephrata, WA, and held National Merit, Washington Bankers, Washington State Elks, Yale National and George Galt Bourne Scholarships. While in New Haven, Larry was a member of Calhoun and was part of Dwight Hall and the Lutheran Campus Ministry.

After the completion of his studies, Larry held professorial positions at Ohio State, Oregon, Arizona, Queensland and Tulane Universities and headed computer science departments at Queensland and Tulane Universities. He later worked for BDM Corporation, the Institute for Defense Analysis and the National Science Foundation.

Larry retired in 2009 as senior computer scientist with the National Institutes of Standards and Technology.

Larry died April 6, 2012 of complications from Alzheimer’s in Wilmington, NC, where he had lived since 2010, survived by his wife, Gail Bleach, Ph.D., their son Seth S. Reeker, a stepson, Greg Reeker, former wife, Linda Karman, and their children, Amb. Philip T. Reeker, David A. Reeker and Christina R. Davenport and three grandchildren.