Jeffrey C. Pond

Jeffrey C. Pond

Died September 2, 2012

Jeff passed away on September 2, 2012 at his home in Denver after suffering from chronic liver disease compounded by the effects of a stroke earlier that year. Perrin and Peggy Quarles and Charlie Benoit had visited Jeff and confirmed that he’d kept his sense of humor despite his afflictions. In his last days, one of his nurses introduced him to someone as her attorney. Quick-witted to the end, Jeff quickly told her, “Don’t say another word.”

Jeff prepared for Yale at Boulder High School in Boulder, Colorado, and Liberty High School in Liberty, Missouri. While playing football in Liberty, he was an All-State Quarterback.

At Yale Jeff majored in history, lived in Timothy Dwight and was an active athlete, winning numerals in freshman football and lacrosse and playing varsity football and lacrosse. He was a National Merit Scholar, a member of Aurelian and Beta Theta Pi and was tapped for Skull and Bones. Jeff also participated in the U.S. Grant Foundation, which provides summer

Robert Leich remembers:
Jeff and I met freshman year in Bingham Hall. At our 25th reunion he asked if I ever got back to Evansville, IN, my old home town? When answered yes, he told me that his older brother, Bob, was the C.E.O. of a large company there, and told me to look him up. I did so, and am pleased to say that Bob and I became friends, and that Bob kept me posted on Jeff’s activities over the years, until he too passed away. We miss you Jeff.

John Pinney remembers:
It’s difficult to write about Jeff without acknowledging that he was an extraordinarily talented man who could do and did most everything he set his mind to. I remember him most for his sense of humor, which was as quick and inventive as his intellect. He saw the humor or irony in just about everything, and was quick to point it out. I’ll remember him that way and miss him.