Gerald H. Clark

Gerald H. Clark

Died August 27, 1989

Jerry prepared for Yale at Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX. While at Yale, he was a member of Silliman, performed outrageously in Four to Go, Bottoms Up and Bottoms Up Strikes Back and was a member of Skull and Bones.

Jerry reported in our 25th reunion class book that “I starred in Broadway, off-Broadway, in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Los Angeles and in theaters across the country as well as national TV commercials. I was awarded the Bishop Corrigan Award by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles for my work in the fight against AIDS.”

Jerry died on August 27, 1989.

William Wilbur remembers: I didn’t know Jerry at Yale but worked with him at Aids Project Los Angeles in the 1980s. He was a talented and inspiring leader. I think of him often

Walter Mason remembers: I had the good fortune to get to know, rehearse and play the Inspector in Irma La Douce with Gerry in the Branford College production, where he played the Jack Lemmon part in the 1963 movie of the same name. He was truly a star on stage, absolutely focused, and a creator and absorber of energy as the central attraction.

Jonathan Carleton remembers: Jerry always had a wonderful sense of humor and a great deal of energy. Studying late into the night we’d go to the United Diner (we called it the “untidy’) for the best scrambled eggs to be found. He was a terrific guy and lives vividly in memory.

Frank Schreck remembers: Jerry was my freshman year roommate. Being from Dallas, he knew all the beautiful coeds that populated the eastern girls’ schools. Being from Henderson NV, I didn’t know anyone. Thanks to Jerry’s introductions, my freshman year was not a lonely one. The last time I saw Jerry was at a fourth of July party at my house. He was starring in a Broadway type show at one of the resorts in Las Vegas. I will always remember his engaging smile.

R. Douglas McPheters remembers: Surely one of the most entertaining people I knew at Yale.

John Pinney remembers: I knew Gerry pretty well at Yale and regret not seeing more of him after we graduated. I spent an evening with him in LA not long before he died, as it turned out. He was the same quick, funny, thoughtful man I knew at Yale, except he was intensely committed to his work with AIDS Project LA. I wish I’d known he had so little time – I think of him often.