Chat Comments and Questions from August ’21 Y65 Zoom

Chat Comments and Questions from August ’21 Y65 Zoom

00:32:31 James Marshall: I record this session on my computer?

00:54:35 SAMUEL BRUTTOMESSO: 50% of Hispanic patients and American Indians carry a gene that predisposes them to Type II diabetes if they become overweight.

00:58:19 John Todd: Are vision risks the same for type 1 diabetes

00:59:28 James Marshall: How many of the class viewers have had cataract surgery?

01:04:48 Bill Baker: lee would you please talk a little more about new approaches to wet

01:05:29 Bill Baker: macular thanks

01:12:13 Fred Bamber: If the wrong lens is inserted in a cataract, can the lens be replaced ?

01:13:18 Perry Teillon: Do you recommend laser surgery for cataracts over the more traditional procedure.

01:15:21 James Marshall: Is Latanoprost Solution effective for Glaucoma?

01:17:15 Charles Coyne: Once diagnosed with minor cataracts how long can you wait for surgery?

01:17:40 Robert Hammond: are scotomas associated with migraines something to worry about

01:18:43 Karl Schonborn: What liquids should we keep out of our eyes, esp sunscreen?

01:19:02 Robert Hammond: what causes “ghosting ” after cataracts surgery with IOL

01:24:24 David Roscoe: how important are dark glasses if you wear a hat?

01:30:53 David Roscoe: what are ocular migraines, and whats the treatment?

01:36:11 Duncan Bremer: Do you have any recommendation for protecting our eyes from all this atmospheric smoke?

01:37:15 Jay Gaspar: A question from left field: Is there a non surgical treatment for ptarigia?

01:47:04 Charles Coyne: Thanks everybody. I’m hitting the sack. If you make it to Botswana give me a shout. Boroko!

01:47:56 James Murphy: What type of sunglass lenses do you recommend? Opticians try to sell all types of additional types which are more expensive.