Class Zooms Archive

Class Zooms Archive

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
History Professor David Blight


Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
Astronomy Professor Greg Laughlin


Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
John Shattuck Y65


Yale ’65 Zoom Hour
Laurie Santos


Yale ’65 Zoom Hour
“Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: What it Means for the Future of Democracy”

Yale ’65 Zoom Hour with
Fred Roberts

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
with Joe Lieberman

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
with Dave Hawkins Y65 (Dec. 15, 2021)

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
with Senator Bill Nelson, Y65

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
Karl Marlantes

Karl Marlantes ’67
Rhodes Scholar, Navy Cross Medalist, Vietnam Author
With a Panel of Three Y65 Vietnam Vets
Tom Esslinger, Mal Harris, and Lanny Thorne

“Lessons from Vietnam: What Have We Forgotten?”

Classmate Chat Comments & Questions

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
Lee Jampol and Bill Quayle

Lee Jampol, MD ’65 & Bill Quayle, MD ’65

Two Career Ophthalmologists…Still Practicing!

“Our Aging Eyes!”

Classmate Chat Comments & Questions

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
John Lewis Gaddis

“Teaching Time Travel”

Classmate Chat Comments & Questions
Prof. Gaddis’ Writing Checklist

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
with Nicholas Turk-Browne

Nicholas Turk-Browne, PhD, Y09
Inaugural Director of the Wu Tsai Institute at Yale

“Neuroscience of Human Cognition”

Zoom Session with
Richard Hodes, Y65
Richard Hodes Director of the National Institute on Aging at the NIH
“Aging: Challenges at 80”

May 19, 2021

We regret we don’t have the recording for you, but we do have the slides Richard used. Find them here.

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour
with John Shattuck

Dave Hawkins, Y65

Climate Expert, Yale Faculty Member & Classmate

Yale 1965 Zoom Hour
February 17, 2021

Dave Hawkins wowed over 100 attendees with his masterful summary of an important new study by a team of Princeton academics that examines several pathways to get the U.S. to net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 — a target consistent with what the latest science says is needed to protect the climate. As Dave explained, “the identified changes to our energy system are both technically feasible and economically sensible, and now require ‘only’ the political will and investment choices to implement.’ He provided personal observations on the opportunities and challenges these proposals present. There was a lively panel discussion with classmates with various perspectives on this topic — Duncan Bremer, Ted Garrett, Charlie Harte, and Tim Merrill.

Classmates submitted more questions on this topic both prior to and during this session than could be answered in the 90 minutes allowed, and enthusiastically endorsed the suggestion for a follow-up session to discuss this critical topic in more depth. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!!

Yale Class of 1965 Zoom Hour with BOB WOODWARD

“From Trump to Biden—What Does it Mean?”

List of Attendees   •   Questions for Bob

DAVID SWENSEN launches Y65 ZOOM SERIES in spectacular fashion!

David Swenson80+ classmates, spouses, and widows paid rapt attention as David Swensen spoke about… how Yale nimbly adapted to the possibility of a pandemic-driven market meltdown; how for decades Yale’s proud leadership in ethical investing has contributed to Yale’s spectacular investment performance; and more recently, how Yale has challenged its outside investment managers to diversify their staffs. Also fielding questions selected from the zoom chat by Chris Cooke and Dan Denison, David covered many topics knowledgeably and candidly — the positive business case for ethical investing; why Yale avoids all investments in “bad capitalism”; how Yale conservatively values its illiquid assets; how the Endowment now funds 60% of Yale College expenses; how public and corporate pensions who recklessly understate their long term liabilities are headed for crisis; the prospects for another market bust a la the 2000 internet bubble; the worst investment decision he’s ever made; and more. If you missed seeing it live, or want to watch it again, here it is:

About the Y65 Monthly Zoom Series
Third Wednesday every month, 4pm EST

Bob Hammond ( and Dennis Mack (, honchos for this already popular new series, encourage all classmates and widows to contact them with ideas for future Zoom calls.

a deserving Yale Medal recipient!

We are all extremely proud of Bruce, who was recently honored for his visionary contributions to Yale that will be felt throughout the 21st century — vastly transforming Yale’s physical footprint, restoring and beautifying the commercial spaces around the campus, and revitalizing Yale’s relationship with New Haven. Check out this short video, featuring remarks from Bruce and testimony from his colleagues:

Our 2020 Annual Class Dinner, via Zoom

Most of the 140+ pre-registered classmates and widows showed up for our October 30 Class Zoom Call and were treated to an engaging 90-minute “virtual annual dinner.” James (Jimmy) Hatch, a 53-year-old ex-Seal and now a Yale sophomore in TD College, inspired us with his life story, followed by a gripping Q&A session covering his military and Yale experiences, his views on his own life, and his opinions on important current issues in American society. The results of our traditional Election Year Class Survey were presented, and Jennifer Julier, our YAA rep, updated us on prospects for a rescheduled 55th Reunion in 2021. A few technical zoom glitches were met with understanding and good humor. Many attendees hung around for camaraderie and banter after the formal meeting ended.

Or, to see what interests you, scroll ahead to these times:

0:00:00James Hatch Intro and Talk
0:26:04Q&A with James Hatch
1:02:302020 Election Class Survey Results
1:23:34Class Secretary Report
1:25:30YAA Update on Rescheduled 55th Reunion

More links related to the dinner:

· 2020 Election Class Survey: “Summary of Results” Presentation
· Who attended? Pre-registration list
· James Hatch’s article, “My semester with the snowflakes.”