Class Notes March/April ’06

Upcoming events. Mini-reunion at St. Michael’s on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, September 28-October 1, organized by Donna and John Pinney. Class Dinner, Friday, October 27 at The Yale Club of New York City, chaired by Bob Leich. Ron Wilmore will be our speaker. John Schenck, our webmaster, reports: “The Class of 1965’s Web site is up and running. Go to and check it out. If you haven’t logged on before, click on the “Directory” link on the Home page and follow the prompts in the “First-time login” box. Once you’re in, look around. Class Notes are in “YAM’s” section, and there are many photos from the 40th Reunion and Harvard Game gatherings. You can find classmates via a variety of criteria. The site is a work in progress, so any suggestions would be appreciated.” Dan Anderson wrote: “I still enjoy being the Schultz Professor of Risk Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the School of Business, even after 35 plus years. In past class notes, I have noticed an interest in environmental and sustainability issues. Some class members may be interested in my new book, Corporate Survival: The Critical Importance of Sustainability Risk Management (iUniverse). I am also in charge of efforts to develop courses and programs in environmental strategy, social responsibility and sustainability, an increasing trend in business schools. Yale’s School of Management has a fine program. To our children and a more sustainable future.” David Biegelsen is gradually (from 80% to 70%) winding down his 35 year career as a researcher and inventor on the frontier of technology at Palo Alto Research Center, leaving him more time for reading The New York Times and sailing with Charlotte. He recommends this “continuous passage.” Lucy and Sam Bruttomesso had a busy May, helping their daughter, Meijin ’08, vacate her room, watching their son Jon Carlo ’05 graduate, celebrating Sam’s father’s ninetieth birthday and attending our fortieth Reunion, “a heartwarming experience to get reacquainted with so many of our classmates!” Walker Buckner has new twin grandsons, and his daughter, Turner, is a freshman at Yale. In November and December, he exhibited his paintings at Lori Bookstein Fine Art in New York City. Mike Lewis plans to retire at the end of 2005. He and Judy will move to 312 Pepperbush Rd., Louisville, KY  40207. Doug McPheters’ company, Holo Touch, Inc., won two prestigious Excellence in Holography Awards, “Best New Holographic Product of 2005 and “Best of 2005”, Presented at the International Hologram Manufacturers Association conference held in November in Shenzhen, China. Doug was also a guest speaker there (simultaneous translation). John Schenck, in his other capacity as Class Poet wrote: “I just launched, my poetry blog. Take a look. Subscribe! Get a new poem every week. The site includes an audio component so you can actually listen to me reading my own stuff. Life is rich.” Listen to John read about hitting a home run when he was 12 years old. You’ll like it. In early December, Linda and Bob Leich were joined in New York City by Susan and Bruce Smathers, who made the trip from Jacksonville, Florida, for the annual lighting of the Christmas trees along Park Avenue from 91st Street to 48th. This event, which was inaugurated in 1942, is held on the Sunday closest to the date of the Pearl Harbor attack, and is a memorial to men and women of the armed forces, as well as a celebration of the Christmas season. Henry Petty died on November 23 at his home. He was devoted to his wife, Lois, and family, crew, and his church, St. Paul Lutheran in Westport, where he lived for 17 years. He was a retired crew coach, a U.S. Rowing Association referee, and active in alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. His memorial service overflowed with attendees, including at least two of his fellow varsity oarsmen. David Ralph’s wife of nearly 39 years, Cecile, passed away on September 3. David wrote: ”It is something you never really think about. You expect to die about the same time. The weekend Cecile got sick, we were scheduled to scatter her Mom and Dad’s ashes at sea. That would have been the end of our family obligations, and we were free. We expected to have the next 10, 20, or 30 years together. The loss of a spouse is so horrible compared to the loss of a parent. You know your parents are aging; you have cared for them, but you know they will die before you. As Joan Didion says in her book about the death of her husband, the grief is unimaginable.” Freshman footballers will affectionately remember Fritz Barzilauskas ‘45W, who coached the interior line and was, for many of us, our introduction to Yale. While reading The Only Game That Matters: The Harvard/Yale Rivalry recently, I learned that Fritz had been a decorated World War II bomber pilot and a prisoner of war, after having been shot down by the Germans, things he never mentioned. Besides being a fine coach and a good man, Fritz was brave and modest as well. Jim “Dingles” DeAngelis has compiled an interesting analysis of our use of Listserv, our Class email bulletin board. In November, there were 388 postings from 27 classmates on 124 subjects. Jim commented that “it would be great if another couple hundred of our classmates tuned in.” Here’s how: Email or call Jennifer Julier at AYA (203-436-8014) and ask to be added to the subscriber list. Any problems? Call or email me.