2018 Annual Dinner at Yale Club of NY – Attendees

Attendees of the 2018 Annual Dinner at Yale Club of NY

Alex and Judy Beard
Harmar (Hardy) and Leslie Brereton
James and Margot Butler
William and Marcia Shonnard Clarkson
Peter and Anne Cook Conze
William and Constance Crosby
Pete Cummings
Ginny Deering
Gerry and Paula Doyle
Rob Duggan
Carl and Christine Farrington
Nancy Fischer
Toby Frey
Dorsey Gardner and Ni Rong
Allen Gilliard, Jr.
Lionel Goldfrank
Suzanne Haaland
Burton and Monique Haimes
Richard and Pia Halloran
Robert and Barbara Hammond
Michael and Gretchen Harrison
Dan Hogan and friend
Robert and Rebecca Kaplan
James Kaull
Clinton and Mary Kendrick
Chris and Cathy Kinney
Fred and Susan Kneip
Casimir and Hubert Kulikowski
Bob Leich
John Leo
Jerry and Carol Libby
Dennis Mack and Robert Cohen
Chip Marshall and Gary Marshall
Hugh and Helaine Marshall
Duncan McFarland
Doug McPheters
Gary and Trudy Moore
Christian and Alfreda Murck
Marne Obernauer
Gil Ott
Joel and Barbara Barker-Papernik
Bill and Leslie Patton
Lois Petty
John Pinney and Donna Cantor
M. Duncan and Christen Pollock
Barry and Rebecca Preston
John Pritchard
David Ralph and Dorothy Armstrong
Steven Rockmore
Malcolm and Susan Rogers
David Roscoe
John and Holly Schenk
Mel and Pamela Shaftel
Bruce and Susan Smathers
Andrew and Susan Stone
Rusty Tilney
Jon and Candance Wainwright
Mary Weber

Apologies if we missed anyone who showed up late!