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June 14, 2024

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June 6, 2024

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Apr. 7, 2024

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Jan. 27, 2024

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Feb. 29, 2024

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July 11, 2023

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Mar. 25, 2024

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Jan. 22, 2024

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May 6, 2022

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Nov. 27, 2023

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Oct. 30, 2023

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June 16, 2023

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June 1, 2023

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July 22, 2022

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July 12, 2022

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Jan. 7. 2021

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Apr. 26, 2022

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June 11, 2022

Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Dr. Megan Ranney

On June 19th, Dr. Megan Ranney spoke to us about the public health implications of gun safety.


James “Jimmy” Hatch
“adopted son” of Y65
Graduates Yale!

Classmate Seth Hoyt forwarded to us five photos of Jimmy with some of his “posse” at Yale’s 323rd Commencement, on May 23, 2024. The sixth photo (bottom right) is from Class Day, when Jimmy was presented with the James Andrew Haas Award. Click on any of these photos to view an enlarged version, then click right or left arrows on the photos to navigate. Close with the X in the top right. Our Heartiest Congratulations to you, Jimmy!!!


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Jeremiah Quinlan

On May 13th, Jeremiah Quinlan joined us to discuss the state of admissions at Yale.


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Dr. Meir Kryger

On April 17th, Dr. Meir Kryger gave an excellent presentation and answered all of our questions about sleep.


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Vardit Ravitsky

On March 20th, our presentation was “AI and Health: Great Promise, Hard Questions.” David Roscoe, Y65 and Vardit Ravitsky, President and CEO of The Hastings Center, discussed the rapid and broad scale deployment of AI tools and capabilities now underway that have great promise to positively transform biomedical research and the delivery of health care.

Additional resources:

For more on the two NIH-funded projects Vardit is working on, see the following sites:
· https://nam.edu/programs/value-science-driven-health-care/health-care-artificial-intelligence-code-of-conduct/
· https://bridge2ai.org/

To sign up for the free Hastings Center newsletter, click here.

Special report on rebuilding trust in healthcare and science: Rebuilding Trust


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Pericles Lewis

On February 21st, Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of English and Dean of Yale College Pericles Lewis spoke to us about “Thoughtful Conversations on Controversial Topics: Essential for Free Speech.”


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Jimmy Hatch

On January 17th, Jimmy Hatch paid us a return visit, having first spoken to us at our online, virtual Class Dinner in October 2020. We asked him how things have progressed with his Yale life, and with his future plans. For those interested in Jimmy’s fund for dogs who work in dangerous situations, the website is Spike’s K9 Fund. Enjoy the recording!


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Jerry Libby


Yale Class of ’65 Talk:
Nicholas Christakis


Yale Class of ’65 Annual Dinner
Presentation by
David Hawkins

We hope to add David’s slides soon. Thanks for your patience.

Chris Kinney’s Photos of Our Annual Dinner


Yale Class of ’65 Zoom Hour
Kelly Shue


Yale Class of ’65 Zoom Hour
Dan Hogan & Brad Hyman

Dr. Hyman’s slides are here.

Timestamps for the recording:
0:00:00 Introductions
0:02:30 Dan tells his story
0:18:46 Brad shares the science of Alzheimer’s
0:43:19 Dan continues with his story and some advice
0:58:10 Q&A – An excellent back and forth about the disease and how to deal with it
1:44:19 Dan’s closing remarks – thanks to so many
1:46:46 End of closing remarks
1:46.50 Intro slide for Jane & Dan singing Graham Nash’s “Teach Your Children” (Zoom voice and guitar sound were terrible)
1:47:00 Start of “Teach Your Children” Written in 1968 by Graham Nash & 1st recorded in 1970 by CSNY.
1:49:30 Jane’s priceless comment
1:49:40 Close



Past Zoom Events


July 19: Jay Judge, on “What’s Happening in College Sports: Across the Nation and at Yale?”
June 19: Brian Scasselatti, on “AI at Yale” (no video)
May 31: Marci Shore, on “What is Ukraine and Where Did the War Come From?”
Apr 24: Roya Hakakian and Carl Gershman, Y65 on “Iran’s Struggle for Freedom: Why and How It Can Succeed”
Mar 17: Dr. Thomas Gill and Dr. Robert Becher, on “Major Surgery in the Elderly…At 80, Am I Too Old for an Operation?”
Feb 15: Beverly Gage, Yale Professor of History, on “G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century”
Jan 18: Bob Woodward, Y65 on “Politics in 2023 — What Can We Expect?”


Dec 21: Lauren Noble, Y11, Executive Director of the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale, “Free Speech at Yale”
Nov 16: Bill Torbert, Y65, on “Leadership and Power: How Great Leaders Get Things Done”
Sept 24: Steve Latham, Director of Yale Interdisciplinary Bioethics Institute, on “CRISPR: A Tool to Transform Humans and Nature”
August 15: David Blight, Yale Sterling Professor of History, “America in the 1850s and Today: Can a House Divided Against Itself Survive?”
July 27: Chief Ronnell Higgins, “Not the Campus Cops We Knew: Safety and Civility in Today’s Universities” (No video)
June 15: Greg Laughlin, Yale Prof and Phil Crane, Y65, “The Search for Exoplanets: Is There Another Earth Out There?”
May 18: John Shattuck, Y65,, “Rights in America: Are They Under Threat?”
April 20: Laurie Santos, Yale Psychology Professor, “Psychology and the Good Life: Yale’s Most Popular Course in 300 Years” 
March 16: Carl Gershman, Y65, Larry Diamond, Hoover Institute, on “Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: What It Means for Democracy”
February 16: Fred Roberts, Y65, “Giving Students Around the World a Voice Through Photography”
January 19: Sen. Joe Lieberman, Y64, “No Labels: The Centrist Solution”


December 15: Dave Hawkins, Y65, “Net Zero Emissions: A Political Update”
November 14: Peter Salovey, Yale University President, “Yale Today” (no video)
October 20: Bill Nelson, Y65, “The Moon, Mars, and More”
September 14: Karl Marlantes, Y67 and Larry Thorne, Tom Esslinger, Mal Harris, Y65 on “Forgotten Lessons from Vietnam”
August 18: Lee Jampol and Bill Quayle, Y65 on “Our Aging Eyes”
July 21: John Lewis Gaddis on “Using Time Travel to Learn History”
June 16: Nicholas Turk-Browne on “Neuroscience of Human Cognition”
May 24: Richard Hodes, Y65 on “Aging: Challenges at 80” (no video, but we have slides)
April 17: John Shattuck, Carl Gershman, Dave Martin, John Todd, Y65 on “Biden’s Foreign Policy Challenges”
March 17: Jason Schwartz, Yale Professor on “COVID Vaccinations”
February 27: David Hawkins, Y65 on “Net Zero Emissions-Achievable Pathways”
January 27: Bob Woodward, Y65 on “From Trum p to Biden”


December 16: David Swensen, Y80 on “Yale Endowment & ESG Investing”
October 29: James Hatch, Y22 on “Snowflakes at Yale?”

Pre-60th Reunion Regional Lunches

Clockwise from the front left, attendees were: Fred Roberts, Jerry Libby. Sam Bruttomesso, Jay Lavely, Alan Howard, Modie Moore, Bob Leich, Dan Denison, Dave Nochimson, Jeff Jennings, Dick Pearce and William Wilbur. The date was February 29, 2024, and the venue was an eatery in downtown LA.

Yale Class of 1965 Report
of our Annual Class Dinner
in person, in New York, 2022!

Our entire report, including a videorecording of Bill Nelson’s terrific speech, great photos sent in by Chris Kinney, and the results of the class-wide poll is all here at this link!

to our
Classmate Fred Roberts!

Fred RobertsThe Fred Roberts Photography Workshops are now in the Yale School of Art! READ MORE


David Hawkins has just been just elected to the AAAS! This extraordinary honor is especially significant because as a lawyer, not a formally credentialed scientist, Dave’s unique talents are being recognized — the ability to interpret complex scientific findings in ways that command trust from the scientific community, and then to intelligibly communicate their implications to national and international policymakers and to the general public.

About the Y65 Zoom Hour Series

We intend to run this monthly Zoom series indefinitely. A calendar of future events into 2022 is currently under development and will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

Y65 Zoom Events – Mark your calendar! – 4 pm, third Wednesday of every month!

Watch Dave Martin, Y65, Feb 28 “60 Minutes” report: “Iranian missile attack risked war w USA…”


Pete Axthelm in the L.A. Times. Click here to view.

Our own BRUCE ALEXANDER: a deserving Yale Medal recipient!

Our 2020 Annual Class Dinner, via Zoom

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“Kafka in China” Ralph Protsik’s stage adaptation of Warren Rothman’s. Photos and the story are here.