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Please join us for another special event
in the Y65 Zoom Hour Series

Senator Bill Nelson, Y65

NASA Administrator

“The Moon, Mars, and More”

Y65 Moderators
Phil Crane and Larry Walker

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
4-5:15 pm Eastern on Zoom


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Bill Nelson is currently the 14th administrator of NASA, leading an agency with a $23.2 billion budget operating 20 exploration and research centers and facilities across the country and employing 18,000 civil servants. During his 18-year tenure as a Florida Senator, Bill was a strong advocate for NASA’s Earth science programs, and spearheaded the passage of the landmark 2010 legislation that mapped out NASA’s future and set the agency on its present dual course of both government and commercial missions. In 1986, Bill flew on the 24th Space Shuttle, orbiting the earth 98 times, conducting 12 medical experiments including the first American stress test in space and a cancer research experiment.

Following his Yale PhD in physics and an assistant professorship at Princeton, Phil Crane worked for 23 years in Geneva and Munich at the European Southern Observatory, where he was a member of both the Hubble Space Telescope Science and the ESA Faint Object Camera Teams. He then spent 12 years at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate involved in Hubble Telescope management, in early planning for Mars exploration, and in astrophysics and planetary science research. He is currently an adjunct physics professor at Dartmouth.

Following NROTC at Yale, Larry Walker became a highly decorated Marine pilot in Vietnam, after which he served as a test pilot with McDonnell Douglas for 25 years, testing F-4, F-18, AV-8B, F-15, and X-36 aircraft. He holds a patent for the G-Limiter emergency override, and is a fellow in the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. He received the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurels Award for his work in the X-36 program. Now retired, he is a world class champion master class swimmer and still loves racing sailboats and his vintage 1965 Corvette.

Bill Nelson will discuss NASA’s current priorities and future missions, including the Moon to Mars mission, the Hubble Space Telescope, and more. He will also explain why and how he is having so much fun in his dream role as NASA Administrator!

UPCOMING Zoom Hour Speakers & Topics:

Nov 10: President Peter Salovey: “Yale Today.”
President Peter Salovey has graciously accepted our invitation to engage with our Class on a range of current topics at Yale. Classmates Jonathan Fanton and John Pinney will moderate the discussion.

Dec 15: Dan Hogan and a classmate panel: “Finding True Purpose in Life.”
Panelists who chose to reprioritize their purposes and alter their careers will discuss their motivations and their subsequent experiences. (Dennis, if the classmate panelists are committed, please add, but also ok to give Dan latitude; also, feel free to tweak the title and description.)

Jan 19: Sen. Joe Lieberman, Y64: “No Labels.”
Sen. Lieberman, a co-founder in 2010 of No Labels, a national bipartisan citizen’s group—will discuss its mission and programs to support moderate legislators in the House and Senate, its recent accomplishments in the current Congress, and its goals for the future.

PAST Zoom Hour Events

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September 14. Karl Marlantes with a Panel of Three Y65 Vietnam Vets Tom Esslinger, Mal Harris, and Lanny Thorne: “Lessons from Vietnam: What Have We Forgotten?”

August 18. Lee Jampol and Bill Quayle: “Our Aging Eyes!”

July 21. John Lewis Gaddis: “Teaching Time Travel”

June 16. Nicholas Turk-Browne: “Neuroscience of Human Cognition”

May 24. Richard Hodes, Y65: “Aging: Challenges at 80”

April 17. John Shattuck: “Practice What You Preach” – Global Human Rights Leadership Begins at Home

March 17. Jason Schwartz, Yale Professor, on “COVID Vaccinations”

February 27. David Hawkins, Y65: “Net Zero Emissions-Achievable Pathways”

January 27. Bob Woodward, Y65: “From Trump to Biden”

December 16, 2020. David Swensen, Y80: “Yale Endowment & ESG Investing”

October 29, 2020. James Hatch, Class Dinner Speaker: “Snowflakes at Yale?”

About the Y65 Zoom Hour Series

We intend to run this monthly Zoom series indefinitely. A calendar of future events into 2022 is currently under development and will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

Y65 Zoom Events – Mark your calendar! – 4 pm, third Wednesday of every month!

Watch Dave Martin, Y65, Feb 28 “60 Minutes” report: “Iranian missile attack risked war w USA…”


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